Para Olympian Rheed McCracken with Nathan Donaldson at the Bundaberg Athletics Track.

Track and Field

Para Olympian Rheed McCracken with Nathan Donaldson

Para Olympian Rheed McCraken has been helping my son Nathan to learn wheel chair racing. Rheed has been inspirational to Nathan and loan him his racing chair to train with at the Bundaberg Athletics track. This photo was taking on one of the first sessions Nathan had with Rheed. It did not take Nathan long to be hooked and is now looking forward to getting his own chair so he can train at a more regular rate. Starting at 12 years old Nathan has a whole range of challenges that are open to him and he would one day like to be in competitions. Having won a Silver and a Bronze medal in the London Olympics as well as more Silver and Bronze medals at the World Championships, Rheed is a great role Model for Nathan. Having competed in many Australian competitions such as the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, Sydney’s City to Surf as well as international events such as London, Dubai and France, i feel privileged that Nathan has the ability to be guided by such a down to earth professional.

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